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Book services for interior design projects large and small.

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Books chosen one-by-one by professional librarians. Personalized service by staff who know the book industry. A tailor-made collection is a meaningful, intelligent addition to any project.


Tell us your vision and the specs, we’ll save your time and create a collection as beautiful and smart as your design. We handle the details, whether 100 books or 2,000, whether new, out-of-print, or rare. We create, source and deliver organized, tailor-made collections efficiently so that your staff can focus on the rest of the project.


Organization and arrangement makes a library feel lived in, organic, and accessible. We organize and arrange books with your design elements and leave a house feeling like a home, a place to encounter and explore books.

Our books create a unique connection between client, home, and place.

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Project Examples

"We need these shelves filled with summer reads and books on the West - in 3 weeks."

"We need 250 books - emphasis on the humanities."

"We need a full library of modern art books that works with the art in the home."

“Can you show us some rare books on local topics?”

“25 beach-themed children’s books.”

"We need nice looking local books, maybe some fiction, to compliment the books the client already has."

“Here’s a photo, can you send us some options?”

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20% Discount on most new publications, no minimums.

Discounts on rare and out-of-print materials vary.

Lead times vary depending on scale of project and subjects/formats requested.

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Tell us about your project to receive further information about how we work.