Expert Takeaway Tips

for Organizing Your Bookshelf

There’s way more to book organization than sorting by color.

Jackson Hole writer Jenn Rice wrote this piece about our founder, Christy Smirl for  Click here to view the full article, published in May of 2018. 

library interior design

A stylish library or polished nook filled to the brim with books is one way to bring a house from drab to artsy, but there’s much more involved than stacking books in an empty corner or on a coffee table. Christy Smirl, owner of Foxtail Books—a curated library installment and book organization service in Jackson, Wyoming—explores different ways to organize books that go far beyond trendy rainbow color schemes and the like.

“There is no right or wrong way to organize or arrange books—only you can choose what you like to read,” Smirl says. Nicknamed a “book therapist,” she dives deep to find out what her clients are passionate about, and assesses how to bring a room to life via how clients plan on utilizing the books in their everyday lives.

“It’s okay to shelve Victorian history next to your erotica next to your interior design books if the look or simply miscellany of it inspires you—it can look fun, and remind you of the layers of interesting things about your life," she says. Ahead, check out a bevy of unique tips to help you organize books at home, based on how you plan on using them.

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