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Your custom Library


Building a library should be fun and exciting.  Whether starting from scratch or adding to a collection, we consult with you to discuss your needs and determine how we can be helpful.  Projects begin with a conversation about the sorts of books that inspire you and a look at the shelving and space to be filled. 

Every project is completely different.  Books are as diverse as people, and together on a wall, they will tell the story of who you are.  The books that will fill your home will be many things: art pieces, resources, entertainment, artifacts.  Subjects can be as specific or broad as you or your house guests might need.  Discussing the feel of the room and the way the books will be enjoyed, we will review options in terms of format, material and texture. 

Consultation is followed up with a project proposal for your review, including costs and timeline required to create just the right collection for you. 

What are your favorite subjects and genres?  

Browse just some of the topics your collection could contain.

Research & Acquisition

Using professional reviews, bibliographies, and the world's best publishing houses, we create your collection title by title.  We ensure subject and aesthetic balance is maintained throughout the process.  Whether your library requires the smartest, most beautiful, or precious rare books, we maintain a high standard for the physical and literary caliber of a collection.  Using the professional philosophy and research skills employed in academic libraries and private collections worldwide, we curate a collection precisely to your needs.  


Delivery and installation of your books can happen at a set time or gradually, depending on the scale of the project and your needs. 

Your collection will be organized to compliment the way you explore literature and information.  Presentation and arrangement can accentuate and benefit from the design elements of your space.  Whether you have one room designated as haven for your books or want to see them at every turn, we ensure the placement of your new collection makes your house a home.

We collaborate with interior designers and architects as needed to ensure all of the elements of a home work in harmony.

Follow Up

Installing your collection is just the beginning.  A library is a growing organism: allow me to suggest additions to your collection as the market and the literary world grows.  A catalog can be created and maintained to allow for easy searching.  Appraisal and preservation ensure enduring quality of your finest books. 

Your Project

Let's talk about your dream library.  

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