Curated Home Libraries

To curate is to select, organize, and present a collection of books, artifacts, or artwork in a space. 

Creating a fine home library entails planning, design and organization. Your unique interests, your style and your space can inform a collection tailored specifically to you and your guests.  

Through creative research and the finest of literature, Foxtail Books collects and organizes beautiful and brilliant books for distinctive homes and discerning readers.  With titles sourced from the world’s best publishers and booksellers, your bookshelves become an art piece, adding texture, personality and heart to a room.

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we provide these services nationwide.

Curious about the process?


Specialized Services

Appraisal & Estate Services

Have your collection appraised for insurance and estate purposes.  Whether a single rare book or hundreds of popular paperbacks, the value of your collection can be verified and documented. 

Organization & Cataloging

Complete your collection by having it organized, inventoried, and listed in a catalog.  Be able to find your books, see what you have and show them off.  Print and digital catalog options are available for easy searching. 

Moving, Storage & Liquidation

If you are moving, keep your books organized and shelf-ready, organized for easy installation in their new home.  Consultation on storage options in Jackson Hole, including secure and climate-controlled settings for valuable collections.

No one likes getting rid of books.  Let us make the hard decisions for you and take them off your hands. 

Preservation & Presentation

Books are fragile things, vulnerable to light, dust and moisture.  Have your collection covered with archival quality materials to extend their lifespan.

Family papers, photographs and other media can be organized, labeled and preserved for future generations.  Digital copies make your family's story accessible worldwide and allow for the presentation it deserves.