Project Portfolio

Projects range from one shelf to rooms full of books, with variable subjects, styles and formats. 

Subjects and genres can be as specific, general, or diverse as requested.  We can provide a collection of great breadth and depth in one specific area of study or collect an encyclopedic range of knowledge on every topic imagineable. 

We deal in first editions and other rare books, European publications and special editions bound in fabric and leather on request. 



A balance of books for many interests and tastes.

Denver, Colorado


A curated collection for book people.  

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


A reader's library, meant for browsing and relaxing.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole Capsule Collection

To love a place is to learn more about it.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming



A house full of books for all ages.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Bright and modern

Young, colorful and topic specific.

Wilson, Wyoming


Formats & Styles

Book jackets, finish and overall presentation are a way for them to speak in a room.  Grouped together, they add texture, personality and depth.  What's your style?